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Rocky Mountain Soap Market (RMSM) specializes in bath and body products of all kinds, utilizing only the highest quality ingredients. Creations are crafted, bottled, and labeled at the company’s micro-soap factory located in Monument, CO.

Visiting our storefront downtown? You will love our unique in-house body bar, where you'll customize the products you love. Our body bar menu offers a wide variety of products to personalize with over 80 different essential and fragrance oils. Walk-ins are welcome during store hours, but you also have the option to host private parties!

Community involvement

Mary's Home

Colorado Sprinigs, CO

We care for local at-risk women and girls by supplying them with bath, body and spa essentials. Our hope is that we can support them physically, mentally, and prayerfully in their journeys from poverty and abuse to renewal and freedom.

Beautiful Redemption

Colorado Sprnigs, CO

We strive to help improve the lives of local foster children and foster families by providing the means to continually educate our local community on ways they can be involved in helping the foster care program.

Casa Angelina


Casa Angelina's mission is to change the global crisis of forgotten, abused, and discarded children and widows in developing countries by providing self-esteem and value through education, housing, food, and health care.