Travel edition: Skincare dos & don'ts

Oct 25th 2019

Do you break out every time you travel? Yeah, you're not alone. But let's do something about that, shall we?

Travel is stressful enough— let's not add acne, lines and clogged pores to the mix.

What if your skin actually looked better after a trip? We're going to get you there, friend. Here are the insider tips:

1. Stop touching your face

Yeah we know you've heard this one before. Probably from your mom when you were just a little, sticky kid. But we mean it— did you know that the most germs in the airport are on those bins you put all your stuff in at the security screening? I know, it's pretty cringe-worthy. So wash your hands as much as you can, carry hand sanitizer, and avoid the makeup testers at the duty free.

Our unscented activated charcoal facial soap.

2. Invest in some activated charcoal facial soap ASAP

You see activated charcoal everywhere these days— in lemonade, toothpaste and certainly skincare. Here's why: #activated#charcoal is known for its ability to trap and extract toxins. We're talking excess oils, dirt, grime— basically everything you really don't want mucking up your pores. Pssst- just about everything I listed above is found at the airport, taxis, trains, subways, etc. We carry two varieties: unscented and #lavender essential oil. They just so happen to come in this super convenient tin for travel, too. #Insider-tip: keep it in your carry on to freshen up on connections and layovers.

Travel-size RESTORE Facial Moisturizer in Geranium Frankincense.

3. Don't skimp on your moisturizer

Gone are they days when you bring that cheap, generic, mini bottle of moisturizer you picked up in the travel-size section at the drug store with you. Moisturizing your skin (with high-quality stuff) is VITAL for healthy, glowy, youthful skin. It helps balance skin— dry and oily— and reduces/prevents wrinkles. Thankfully, we carry a travel-size RESTORE Moisturizer— perfect to pack in your toiletries bag. If you have extremely sensitive skin, we have an unscented option. Otherwise the moisturizer is available in lavender as well as geranium frankincense.

Travel soap in tin with travel sponge.

4. BYOS (Bring your own soap)

If you're asking yourself, "Really, I have to bring my own soap?!" The answer is absolutely you do, and we'll tell you why. The soap supplied at most hotels is usually the cheapest option bought in bulk, with low-quality ingredients and chemicals that dry out your skin. Bring your own so your body is cleansed and moisturized properly. Check out these specialty travel-sized soap bars in convenient tins!

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask with lavender essential oil.

5. Opt for a detox mask

One day on your trip after you wash your face, and before you moisturize, lather on a detoxifying face mask. My personal favorite time to do it is the first night in order to get that super clean feeling after trudging through the airport and hotel lobby. Word to the wise: don't use these every night, or it will dry out your skin. Also a heads up: sometimes as detox masks pull out the toxins in your skin, they can appear in the form of whiteheads (hey, those toxins have to get out somehow, right?). Our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask is perfect for extracting oils and debris from your skin.

So there you have it— five ways to combat that dreaded travel breakout!